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Frida Miranda Rodríguez, Nicaraguan self-taught photographer currently living and working in Italy.  

I’m a migrant photographer. After a Bachelor Degree in Social Communication at UCA in Managua (Nicaragua), I decided to become a photographer and moved to Mexico City. The passion for Photo Portraits soon began my real commitment. During the early years as a photographer, I travelled in several countries, working as a freelancer for advertising agencies, casting agencies, non-profit organizations and for private people. Now I live and work in Rome (Italy).

In the last years, my work has been focused with a great emphasis on aesthetics and colours. In each project, my aim is to tell a story; both in portrait and in commercial projects my purpose is to give the work an authentic editorial cut. So far I’ve worked in several fields: advertising, business, food, personal branding, e-commerce and social causes.

Today my headquarter is in Rome where I share with Jimmy K. Advertising a studio located in Viale Liegi 1 . I’m always looking for new collaborations as a freelancer photographer. If you are interested in my services, please contact me using the form below.

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