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Francesco Giannino write: The Magic Cape

When I started writing “The Magic Cape” adventures in March 2016, I didn’t think those pages could become a book. It was about entertaining hospitalized children by drawing the characters and landscapes of the stories they heard.


Francesco Domenico Giannino writer of  “The Magic Cape.”

All started when the author Francesco Domenico Giannino began teaching children. During his lessons, The Magic Cape took shape: A character who has the power to discover and improve the world in which he lives.

The author decides to combine his experience as a teacher with his work as a hospital volunteer, bringing The Magic Cape to hospitals around the world and where is most needed: in pediatric oncology wards.

This photographic service was made for the back cover of the book “the Magic Cape” and all the communication about the identity of the author.

The book is distributed free of charge in Italian hospitals thanks to the volunteers of the Compagnia del Mantello. The magician’s stories are interpreted by a team of professional actors in the hospitals and after the performances, the children participate in the creative workshops for improving their mood.

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