Metamorphosis of Authenticity

Emancipation Through Free Expression

In the endless dance of life, the importance of freeing ourselves from society’s judgment and self-judgment emerges as a shining guide in our quest for authenticity and fulfillment. It is only through abandoning the shell of conformity that we can reveal our inherent power and emancipate ourselves from the trap of conditioning.

Breaking mental and social boundaries, shattering the silence and breaking the shell becomes an act of philosophical rebellion, an inner flame that urges us to realize our full potential and embrace our uniqueness.

This photo series thus aims to become a symbol of emancipation, particularly for women. By rejecting social judgment and embracing her own identity, Manuela Zero gradually frees herself from the bandages that symbolize the wounds caused by the struggle against stereotypes imposed by society. Their breaking becomes the reaffirmation of individual authenticity and the overcoming of wounds. Finally, she presents herself to the world naked and happy, emphasizing the beauty and strength that reside in each of us when we are free to be ourselves.

Frida Miranda R.

“Laugh when necessary, be quiet when you must, so ready always, run, make up your face, be feminine, dress up, cross-dress and with power jokes poorly, hold your breath when you feel you can’t make it lower your eyes and if you fall never cry.”

Manuela Zero

The project originates from Manuela Zero’s initial desire to be portrayed as a now-deceased Hollywood diva with a fragmented face. However, this desire evolves into something broader, in tune with contemporary society. Frida transforms the idea of the portrait into a photographic project that stands as a symbol of emancipation from social and personal judgment. Her goal, together with Manuela and Chiara, is to visually represent liberation from the boundaries imposed by society and self-evaluation.



Performace: Manuela Zero

Creative Direction and Photography: Frida Miranda Rodríguez

Makeup and Hair : Chiara Gabriele



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