Forbidden to forget

Photo essay

Throughout human history, women have been perceived by patriarchy as mere possessions or as empty vessels into which men have poured their own ideals of beauty, maternal purity and perfection, as well as evil, perverse sexuality and treachery.

These images of women, contradictory at first, have one thing in common: the denial of women’s humanity and their depiction as an absolute Other on which all violence can be inflicted and justified.

This photography series is a tribute to all women who have been subjected to gender violence (which is all of us to some extent) and a reminder of the long road still ahead.

América Lainez – Nicaraguan Writer 

Women who lent their face, body and time

Beatrice Aiello – Actress
Gina Weldon – Entrepreneur
Malou Petzien – Videographer
Intissare Aamri – Communicator
Elena Xiang – Model
Silvia Adamo – Actress
Hagar Keshk – Artist
Veronica Baldazzi – Model
Anna Dipasquale – Illustrator

Curatorial text: América Lainez
Direction and Photography: Frida Miranda Rodriguez
Hair and Makeup: Elvira D’andrea

Special thanks to:
Hannah Gower-Quiroga
Chiara Iacobucci
Alta roma salon – Giorgia calisi
La Divina Costumi

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