Pomerini Primary School

Pomerini Primary School is the public school based in the village of Pomerini, in the Kilolo District (Tanzania). More than 500 children and teens (4-20 years old) attend the lessons, including pupils with special needs (Children with disabilities) 25 teachers between regular and special need trained. Pomerini Primary School is a regular school and special needs education unit.

Our mission with the Jimmy K ADV Team was to give a group of children with vision problems sunglasses, when we entered school we fell in love with the smiles, the light, the commitment of the teachers and the liveliness of the protagonists of the future of Pomerini.

The Red One Class

The students that attend the Red Course, normal path is for all pupils who have no disabilities, in total they are 429 student,They have receive basic science, physical and moral education.

The girl with the blue dress: In this case, this little girl suffers from some characteristic symptoms of albinism, sensitive vision, sensitivity to the sun, but at the same time, her abilities allow her to participate in regular path. 

Happy Kids saying Hi! At the change of classes, the children from the regular path and the special unit, get all together to play.

The Blu One Class

The Blu path is purposeful for identifying pupils with special needs (disabilities) They have their own classes according to their learning challenges. some of them are hearing impaired, others are visual impaired, physical impaired as well as intellectual impaired. They are in different classes according to their age and year of registration that mean are from pre- class one to class seven. 

The pomerini school has 14 teachers trained to educate children with special needs

The special needs unit is currently hosting 91 students, 48 ​​boys and 43 girls.

The space unit has a feeding room where the children of the blue course, who are aboarding students can eat three times a day during the week. The Foods is according by nutrition officers.

If you want to help this school can help this through Bank account and Western union money transfer.


  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62303700004.


  • HEKIMA XAVERY WITULO – Head teacher – Phone number:+255757823243
  • TUMAINI SIMEON NGAJILO – Head of special needs education unit(Disability unit) – Phone:+255763057166 –  E-MAIL: