Ready, Steady & Go

A Teenage portrait with Marisol Saád

The first I met Marisol, she was a young skater in the Parque Central of Estelí (Nicaragua). I remember she wore several piercings on her face, a heavy makeup and blonde hair.

Marisol Saád at the age of 15

When I met her again for the photo shooting, she was a different person. Her style, her look, her appearence were changed. So much.

Her androgenic beauty, the rebelliousness of a teenager and the sad silence of a gothic girl stood infront of me. The Beauty of Change. The Beauty of Doubt.

I’m in the Change. I’m confused, but I’m fearless. I’m silent but I’m fine. 

Now Marisol is a tattoo artist. She still lives in Estelí. She’s forever young.

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