Compagnia del mantello

Studio Portrait for a social campaign

This photographic service has been designed for the social campaign of the non-profit organization “Compagnia del Mantello” and its new initiative “Libri Buoni”. The portraits have been realized under my direction and  Jimmy K Roma develop a communication strategy, which included: the creation of a website to manage donations, posters and printed potscard to be distributed in the city and artwork to be promoted on social networks. 

I Libri Buoni are the first experiment in Italy of a diffuse publishing series and participatory enterprise. The aim is to revive the quality publishing for children, with a focus on readers in a state of social disadvantaged The series offers books by different authors, published by different publishers. Each work is the result of the close collaboration between professionals who work in transversal teams, pooling their skills. The whole process is composed of two phases: #facciamounlibro e #regalaunastoria.



I Libri Buoni represent a unique initiative because it is an experiment in diffuse publishing series and participatory enterprise.

Widespread series because it makes use of different authors (experts, emerging, hospitalized children, children who write their book in groups) and different publishers (small and medium-sized publishing houses, self-publishing).

Participatory enterprise because each book is published thanks to the active participation of publishers, schools and hospitals organized in work teams.
The quality of the narration, the themes addressed and the educational content is guaranteed by the Italian teachers, volunteers of the Compagnia del Mantello.

I Libri Buoni are given as gifts to children in hospitals or socially disadvantaged children, and are accompanied by performances by professional actors and recreational-creative workshops.



I Libri Buoni are given to children in the hospital, accompanied by performances by professional actors and play-creative workshops.

The performances of the actors can be viewed by the students and the young patients through the YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels of the Compagnia del Mantello

This creates a powerful circularity that can stimulate the development of creative processes, empathy and resilience and foster practices of inclusion and active citizenship.

The delivery of the books is accompanied by theatrical performances and creative workshops that have already involved in the past many professional actors such as Stefano Fresi, Greta Scarano, Margherita Vicario, Benedetta Porcaroli, Claudia Tosoni, Giorgio Pasotti.

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