Tulime in Pomerini

Tulime, in Swahili means: “let’s cultivate!”, Is an Italian association of people who cooperate with other people in countries traditionally considered “developing”.

Convinced of the fact that the idea of ​​development must be completely revolutionized and that it certainly does not correspond to that widespread in traditionally “developed” countries, Tulime was born to cultivate on “difficult and poor lands” in the south and north of the world and works for the improvement of the daily life of people and communities.

Tulime’s projects in Pomerini Tanzania are made up of microcredit programs, assistance centers for children of different abilities. (tutto é possibile) Sartoria and artisan tradition. (Mani di Africa)

Mani di Africa

Mani d’Africa is a project born in 2011 with the aim of cultivating, developing, renewing forms of crafts present in the village of Pomerini, on the Iringa plateau, and making them a source of livelihood for various local people. This happened through encounters between people who live far away, physically and culturally.

From these meetings, paths of professional and human growth were born, and a line of products that bears the name of this project “Hands of Africa” ​​and which, traveling on different sales channels, brings with it the values ​​of community cooperation, and reaches many people who, by choosing a fair purchase, contribute to the sustenance of this project and other Tulime projects.

Kizito is the tailor who was involved in the project from the beginning and is still part of it, while the other seamstresses have changed over time: at first there were Alfonsina and Wema, then Regina and Annunziata arrived.

The products of the project include clothing, jewelry, bags and baskets

But “Mani d’Africa” ​​is not just tailoring: another ancient local artisan tradition that the project cultivates and encourages is the intertwining of milulu. Italian artisan and five women from Pomerini try to give new expression to an ancient technique, creating new shapes, which will soon become vases, necklaces, earrings, bracelets.

Be Able

The Be Able – “Tutto é possibile” project was born in December 2013 from the collaboration between Tulime Onlus and Nyumba Ali Onlus, a center that assists children from Pomerini, Msengela and nearby villages (Ukumbi, Masege, Mawambala).

Its main objective is the work and social integration of people with disabilities in the village of Pomerini. A room was therefore set up to start a small pilot project that led to the creation of educational activities for some girls with mental disabilities, hitherto excluded from village life.

It will allow people with disabilities (with physical and / or mental disabilities) to be offered a rehabilitation process aimed at guaranteeing / achieving full integration within the community by providing equal opportunities for social, educational and professional integration.

Motor skills: From the most basic skills such as teaching them to eat, to recognize the moment of breakfast.

Hygiene: After breakfast volunteers teach the girls to brush their teeth and then start the writing lessons.

Vegetable garden: contact with the earth is essential for every individual, especially in a mainly agricultural society

Microcredit Project

The aim of the microcredit programs that have followed one another since 2014 is to provide a stable source of income for individuals and families in disadvantaged conditions. The groups involved were individuals with albinism and other physical disabilities or chronic diseases, families with a component affected by albinism or other disabilities, lonely elderly people, young orphans, widows with children and young unemployed women.

This storytelling was carried out in 2017 as a pro-bono project of the advertising agency Jimmy K Roma. Currently the Tulime organization has expanded its projects in the Pomerini territory, including maternity programs, toy libraries for children, and a scholarship program for education. For more information visit: